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Moving freight from A to B is not always straightforward. That is where M&W supports businesses with fully bonded storage and warehouse facilities to help cashflow during uncertain times.

With over 500,000 square feet of safe and trusted UK-owned storage space, M&W is an excellent choice when you need to store containers, pallets, or boxed goods.

When you import products we can help if space is an issue at your warehouse, factory, or processing unit. We offer additional capacity, and while we hold your goods within our bonded warehouses you do not pay duties.

It is effectively a duty-free zone, or more specifically a duty suspended area for goods until you need them – meaning until removal for use at your location or re-export.

We become a trusted part of your supply chain for products, parts, and materials.

Bonded storage for imports and exports

Our bonded warehouses can support your operations in many ways. There are so many variables involved when you arrange to export goods from the UK to markets around the world (especially outside of the EU).

For example, if you are importing goods to then export to other destinations, you might not have customers secured – or have received payments yet.

Also, potential or confirmed buyers could encounter cash-flow issues. There could be a weather situation that delays or stops shipping. Governments can impose temporary restrictions.

Any of the above can affect how you move freight to its ultimate destination. This is where a flexible forwarder with safe bonded storage options can help.

Using M&W’s bonded facilities you can import with confidence, enjoying a duty suspended period while you confirm orders and payments.  

Our bonded warehouses are secure places where we can store items that are intended for export. This allows you to delay the payment of customs duties and taxes, keeping your cashflow healthy.

If a situation arises where goods can no longer be used, they can be destroyed in bonded areas so that you do not pay duties in addition to losing stock.  

M&W Freight warehouse services

Freight during coronavirus times

The coronavirus took everyone by surprise. Beginning in Asia, it affected a huge amount of global freight movement. Although many businesses forecast problems, how the virus affected so much of our lives was unprecedented.

From the outset, M&W has worked with buyers and suppliers who have been affected in some way by delays to supply chains. Our warehouses have been important to customers who were forced to hold additional stock and goods that needed to be stored off-site until recognised trade routes and supply chains reopened.

In some cases, markets for certain goods have been suspended or disappeared completely. In such cases, creating space at your facility and utilising M&W’s flexible storage options enables alternative operations to progress, new products to be brought online and alternative revenues generated.

Add value to goods in warehouse storage

M&W can also add value to your goods during storage, such as labelling, repackaging, or adding promotional items ahead of forwarding products to your customers. Our fulfilment and ecommerce services help growing businesses expand quickly without having to create additional infrastructure.

Our experience and expansive facilities have given under-pressure companies the flexible options they needed while world trade has been uncertain.

The same pressures can arise at any time, for a host of different reasons. That is why we are here, to provide the solutions your business needs to keep goods moving and ease cashflow tensions.

A Buddy by your side

Ultimately, M&W aims to be a trusted Buddy by your side. We have always placed an emphasis on service and even during the coronavirus pandemic we have maintained our high standards for all customers.

Your import/export deadlines are our deadlines, and our storage facilities and bonded warehouses make sure that your business gets the flexibility it needs. You are in control.

The M&W Freight team is available to discuss warehousing, processing, and transport options whenever you need us.

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