Multi Country Consolidation

Using our MCC hub offers maximum flexibility on import and export flows.

Maximum Flexibility

Faster speed to market and shorter product lifecycles demand more frequent and smaller order quantities or MOQ’s. From across a diverse supplier base, the need to reduce costs and optimise inventory remains an imperative. Using our MCC hub you can consolidate full container loads from multiple origins for individual destination. This allows you not only to continue to source smaller quantities economically, but also quickly add new origins and destinations. You can speed-up or slow-down your cargo flows to your destination markets. You regain economies of scale without impairing the brands agile, high frequency, low inventory retail model.


How it works:

  • Goods are transported from your suppliers to our origin facility.
  • Your goods are shipped to the MCC hub where value added services can be provided, mode of transport is chosen (air or sea) ready for consolidation.
  • Your goods are delivered to your chosen destination.
  • Transport, handling, administrative costs and environmental impacts are reduced by consolidating. Reduction in costs are achieved with value-added services such as repacking, labelling and other destination-specific requirements.
  • MCC gives you maximum flexibility to switch between modes of transport. By using ‘free storage’ periods to postpone shipments to meet changing market conditions and just-in-time programmes. Highly secure systems operate within our MCC hub. You have end-to-end visibility of your shipments through our VISION SCM supply chain management system.


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